Mantena Modulars
(Formerly Panorama Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)

Technical Solutions

We Design, Manufacture & Install Control Room Solutions

We provide total turn-key solutions – Right time, right place and right service.

For over a decade, we are one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of a comprehensive range of Control Room Solutions in India. Our control rooms are designed using the latest European machinery and our motivated staff ensures that we leave no stone unturned to meet your needs.

Our consoles can be pelletized, quickly transported and installed by our expert teams for rapid deployment.

Unique Solutions Devised For 24x7 Settings

Through a deep understanding of mission critical ATC furniture.

Journeying with You

Since 2001 we at Mantena Modulars have been involved in the design, installation, construction and implementation of Air Traffic Control Rooms, including integrating, installing, repairing and maintaining multiple ATC communications and weather systems, as well as a multitude of studies and preliminary designs.

Providing a Complete Suite

Mantena Modulars manufactures Bespoke Height Adjustable Consoles for Towers, Simulators and Training, 24X7 Chairs, Technical Enclosures, Storage Units, Automated Weather Observing Systems (AWOS), Airfield Lighting Controls, Navigational Aid Monitoring, Airfield Surveillance Approach Radars, and so on, thereby providing a comprehensive range of ATC solutions.

World Class Consoles

Every ATC Console by Mantena Modulars is bespoke and provides the very best in ergonomics for Air Traffic Controllers. A clear line of sight and the positioning of essential equipment is a key factor while designing ATC Consoles. We consider all the essential elements needed for Consoles, including monitor arms, desktop power modules, sound levels, effective lighting and sight lines that are extremely important for clear communication and effective workflow.

Effective Ergonomics

Our Dropped Back Console Designs, Moni-Trak Perfect Positioning Rail Specific ATC Environment or even Cable Management and Maintenance Solutions are only examples of the effective ergonomics in Mantena Modulars’s Air Traffic Control Room designs. Our primary goal is to ensure comfort and well-being for all air traffic controllers which automatically increases attention span and focus. We ensure that through – monitor set-up, lighting, line-of-sight and appropriate seating to name a few.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Our solutions are devised using top-end technology. Smart cable management solutions provide direct routes. Fuse connects the air traffic controllers to power, data and audio with just one link. Be it a thoroughly efficient monitor set-up or the line-of-sight, every feature of the control room is smartly integrated and particularly designed for quick maintenance in 24X7 environments.

Some of our Work

A Control Room Solution for Every Sector

Helping to create advanced & high-performing working environments.

Tailor-Made for You

From police stations to emergency services, metros to network operations – we at Mantena Modulars have the breadth of experience to manufacture and supply control room furniture no matter which industry you belong to.

Categorically Inclusive

We work with you at every step of the way from concept to installation and create detailed 3D animations to help you visualise how the furniture you’ve chosen will tentatively look before construction begins.

Human Centric

Our strength really lies in building solutions that sensitive to human needs, and focused around the comfort, good health and well-being of control room personnel across all sectors.

Bespoke Consoles

Mantena Modulars is always up to speed with all the latest technology in the market and provides the finest and most cleverly designed consoles for you by using state-of-the-art machinery.

High Performing Furniture

Mantena Modulars furnishes solutions that are most suited to your project – those that are incredibly high-performing, versatile and meet your thoroughly technical and ergonomic needs.

Some of our Work